Your Best Friend May Hold the Keys To Your Next Big Client

by Guest Author on February 8, 2013

We love our friends and family. They support us, love us, and care about us, but when it comes to us asking them for business help, we can become resistant saying, “Everything is going great” when we really need help. Our friends and family have a world of contacts, which could just be who we need to speak to in order to pitch our idea. Bob Beaudine speaks more about this close-knit style of networking in his book The Power of Who.

Why are you so hesitant to ask those who know you best?

It usually is an issue of pride that you can get that million-dollar contact without asking for any help. That idea may backfire on you because a person’s network always asks and trusts each other for information especially when it comes to hiring someone else. Think about it.

Imagine that you have a car that needs repaired in a town that you are passing through, and you do not know of any good mechanics. Do you go to Google to ask or ask your aunt who lives in that town for her recommendation?

The closest people to you care the most about you and want to see you succeed. Approaching them may be difficult especially if you are not one to ever ask for help. But here is an action plan that can help connect you to that new client.

Include that you would love to ask them for their advice on your new venture and could use their input and see if they are able to meet for coffee, a phone call (if they live out of town), lunch, etc. It may be easier face-to-face, but any way of communicating is better than none.

  • Go to the meeting with an open book and know exactly what you want their help on.

People love to help each other, but you must give them a direct way to help you. If you want to get in contact with a company that deals directly with professional soccer for PR and marketing, just say it. Your friends can’t help you get there unless you ask. Please do not say you need help with anything, because anything is not quantifiable, and people will not know how to help.

  • After the meeting, follow up with your family member or friend and get in contact with the person in their network.

Say thank you! It is vital showing that you care for your network spending time helping you out. Also, let him know that you have contacted the person that he recommends. This way he can contact them as well and mention to their connection to you.

This may seem like the world is ending, but all in all you may be one step closer to having that million-dollar client. Now, it is time for you to get out there and start calling your family and friends for their help.

About the Author
Bobbi Klein (@bobbiklein) is the CEO of Splendore (@SplendoreMktg), an au courant marketing firm specializing in event experiential marketing and event services. Bobbi is also an adjunct Spanish professor at Butler University. You can find her at your local coffee shop, as she loves to travel and see the world. 

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