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by Guest Author on December 2, 2013

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Culture over skills is the name of the game when it comes to hiring employees at Centro, Context Media and Polymathic.  On Tuesday, November 19, 2013, three dynamic CEO’s got on stage at Chicago’s Chopin Theatre and talked about company culture at Entrepreneur’s Unplugged latest session on Startup Culture.

Shawn RiegseckerShawn Riegsecker, founder and CEO of Centro, described building a strong company by building a strong team and having a strong leader.  He believes that happiness and self-actualization and the power of investing in your employees will guarantee a return investment in your company by employees.  He doesn’t believe that culture is defined randomly.  Most importantly, as an entrepreneur, time is the greatest and most important asset.

Marcy CapronMarcy Capron, CEO and Partner of Polymathic, talked about creating activities around the habits and interests of her employees and creating an office ambiance that ruled in favor of collaboration.  Marcy listed 6 core tactics that she employs at Polymathic.  1) Know your people 2) Invest in their happiness 3) Invest in their abilities 4) Build interpersonal relationships 5) Know what your employees love 6) Be honest and available, no matter what!  On top of her impressive list of credits, she stated that she helps developers find happiness in their work and career.  I believe that what is called a Developer Whisperer!

Shradha AgarwalShradha Agarwal, CSO and Co-Founder of Context Media, talked about creating a family oriented culture.  The whole team provides input from hiring decisions to work load distribution.  They team care’s about each other and they take their personal and professional relationships very seriously.  “Doing everything right started by doing everything wrong,” said Shradha.  She puts every candidate through a rigorous 7 step interview process.  She described that having someone that is a cultural fit was a few of the right skills was more important than hiring someone that had all the skills, but wasn’t a fit culturally.  “We’re a ‘both feet in’ kind of company, we want the right people next to us when we’re having a bad day.” This is a company that works together and plays together.

The startup culture is an all or nothing type of environment.  What your co-workers think of you is just as important as what your boss thinks of you.  You work together, play together, and you build life long relationships together.  Being open, transparent and honest is celebrated and not criticized.  The Startup Culture is here and hiring.

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