Why Even Entrepreneurs Should Turn Off Their Email During Family Time

by Tim Jahn on January 3, 2013

A seemingly horrific situation happened to me this Christmas Eve and Christmas Day: the email on my phone stopped working properly. Instead of emails appearing instantly on my phone when I received them, they showed up hours later.

It was awesome.

I used to be an advocate of being aware of your email as you received it. My reasoning stemmed from being a freelancer always looking for my next gig. If I didn’t read my emails as they came in, I might miss a great opportunity.

That may be true. But I’ve decided to accept that as a risk. To me, it’s a question of priority. Spending time with my family during the Christmas holiday is much more important than any email I could possibly get at this point in my life.

I’ve found that reading the wrong email during family time can drastically alter my mood for the worse. That’s not fair to my family, nor is it fair to me. The moments I spend with my family and the memories created from those moments for all of us shouldn’t be shattered by reading an email that caused me to spiral downward into a crappy mood.

I’m glad the email on my phone wasn’t working this Christmas. The funny thing is it seemed to be working fine the day after Christmas. Maybe the whole situation was a Christmas miracle.

Either way, next Christmas, I’m purposely turning off the email on my phone.

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