Next Step – Hiring time!

by Guest Author on February 25, 2013

If you are a constant idea generator, then you know that genius can strike at any time.  You know the rush, the feeling, the “I have do this now before anyone else does it.”  But what if your idea is something bigger than yourself?  What if it is something bigger than you ever thought?  Let’s assume you did the research and now you are ready to take the next step BUT where do you begin.

Your initial plunge
Again, let’s assume you have proof of concept and that your ideas is well vetted and that you believe (amongst many things) that beyond a shadow of a doubt you will succeed.  The next step is to hire support because you are going to need help.   I start with past co-workers.  You want to surround yourself with people that you trust and that are hard-workers

The easiest way to know if someone is a good employee is if you worked with him or her before.  The next group I look to are friends. It is always tricky but if you have friends that are great at their jobs and are good worker bees it might be mutually beneficial to reach out to them… but tread lightly because you do not want to ruin a good friendship.  If I am still in need of employees I post the opportunity on LinkedIn.  I have tried really everything from recruiters, to online sites like, and the most qualified candidates I received for the money that invested came from Linkedin.


Internships – a hidden gem
The next thing I am a big fan of is internships; which I think they are very under-utilized in business today. With the potential of being very beneficial for both the business and the intern, I suggest reaching out to friends and family to see if anyone is looking for an internship.  Post on your Facebook and Twitter accounts to help spread the word.  When interviewing perspective interns, best to inquire about what the intern is interested in because you are going to get significantly better work if you can combine their interests with your needs.

I also recommend,  “compensating” interns with college credits if possible, to keep cash strapped start ups in the black, especially in the beginning phases.  To do this, I reach out to the local colleges and universities to tell them about the internship opportunities and even professors so they can pass the word on.  Lastly there are internship boards (i.e. where you can seek out interns.

About the Author
Jayna has been navigating the start-up world in various sales roles for the last decade. She managed the largest book of business at Echo Global Logistics (ECHS) while also holding various positions in Sales Training, as a Sales Manager, and as Regional Manager.  Jayna then moved onto Groupon, helping launch various national and local sales strategies in the role of VP of Business Development.  Jayna was responsible for 10% of Gross Revenue for 2010, and 25% of entire companies revenue in 2009.  Jayna successfully closed the two largest deals to date with national retailers Gap and Nordstrom. She also worked with on various marketing initiatives, including landing placement for Groupon on Oprah’s ‘Favorite Things Show’.  Her expertise lays in the start up world, strategy and processes and business development.

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