Why This E-Commerce Company Spends 40% Of Their Time Creating Content – with Chris Conn Of MightyNest

by Tim Jahn on March 15, 2012

Chris Conn is the co-founder of MightyNest, a website that helps you research and buy organic, non-toxic products for your home.  MightyNest does more than just sell products though.  According to Chris, they spend 30-40% of their time creating content.

In this interview, Chris and I chat about:

  • why creating content is so important for an e-commerce business like MightyNest
  • how MightyNest amassed 14,000 Facebook fans in under a year and almost 24,000 fans to date
  • how MightyNest reaches their niche market
  • how Chris ties their content to actual sales
  • and much more!

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