Jumpstart Your Startup’s Marketing Strategy

by Stella Fayman on July 9, 2012

Helping the startups at Excelerate Labs this summer, I’ve noticed a common theme regarding marketing strategies. Whenever I talk with founders about marketing, eyes get wide and exasperating sighs are heard. It’s just too much to tackle. There are too many things to do with so little time. And social media? Oy vey. Here are three things I advise:

1) Break it down- As with any large, daunting task…breaking it up into smaller chunks that are actionable ensure that things actually get done. With microtasks that can get marked off on a to do list, there is a sense of accomplishment in getting things done that is just not there when you’re trying to tackle a huge project head on. When it comes to marketing, startups should make a list of marketing goals they have. Whether this means writing 50 blog posts a month, getting a certain number of twitter followers, or being published in 3 blogs…these goals can be split into daily tasks like writing one blog post (totally doable), tweeting 3 times, or sending personal emails to 5 bloggers.

2) Execute daily- It’s really, really important to do something every single day to further marketing goals. Social media can be daunting but it really is about sitting down every morning and spending even 10-15 minutes scheduling tweets through Buffer or Hootsuite. If you set up some search topics or even just respond to tweets in real time using a Twitter plugin on your toolbar , TweetDeck notifications, or  Rockmelt you’ll develop the habit of executing daily. You’ll also be much more efficient. Keep in mind that it’s always better to do the minimum than do nothing at all, and doing the minimum on a regular basis grows over time.

3) Keep your overall strategy in mind- Everything you do needs to go through the filter of your overall marketing strategy. If you have identified that your potential customers are more active on LinkedIn than Facebook, don’t waste time consistently posting to Facebook. There are so many different marketing channels (especially with social media) that being able to focus on the ones that have the highest conversion is key to not spreading yourself too thin. This may seem obvious but I run into too many founders who feel that they have to have a strong presence in all domains, without realizing that it takes a lot of time and resources to achieve this.

In short, being focused, efficient, and consistent can help startup founders initiate and execute on their marketing strategies. For more ideas on initial marketing, check out this article.

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