Five Traits of Champion Entrepreneurs

by Guest Author on January 1, 2014

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Plunging yourself into the uncertain arena of entrepreneurship can be a daunting pursuit. While many people consider starting up their own business a good amount of them fail to follow through with their ideas. There are numerous features that determine the success of an entrepreneur such as the feasibility of their plan and the market outlook for the product or service they are selling. However, one of the most significant factors in the prosperity of the business is the entrepreneur themselves. It requires a special set of characteristics to start and run a business and these traits can distinguish the winners from the losers.  

1. Leadership Fueled By Passion

Taking an idea and turning it into a thriving business requires the initiative and innovation of a leader. An entrepreneur will not necessarily have all the answers before they begin their venture but they need to be willing to learn and adapt along the way. This path can be both challenging and unpredictable, and in addition to being a leader, there needs to be strong motivation to reach their final goal.

Some of these driving factors may involve monetary gain and an independent lifestyle but there also needs to be passion for long-term success. If the business venture does not provide a sense of personal satisfaction then it is unlikely that the individual will continue on this path. This type of undertaking usually requires a large investment of time, energy and money, and if there is no passion to support it then it will eventually collapse.

2. Willingness to Take Risks

Just about every entrepreneur needs to be ready to expose themselves to a degree of risk. There is no guarantee that their efforts will be successful and this fear can drive away others who may be suited to more traditional jobs. Overcoming this fear of failure is a significant requirement for anyone interested in entrepreneurship.

Acceptance of the fact that they may not realize their vision and proceeding in spite of this puts them a step above others that are deterred by fear. This class of entrepreneurs is also not discouraged by their defeats.

3. Embracing the Original

People that are inspired to craft a business with fresh ideas and advanced processes will typically achieve success. Individuals that are winners in business generally embrace change and also use it to propel their businesses to the leading edge of their industries. They are proactive and are not put off by the idea of being the first to try something. Instead of waiting for others to show them the way they will forge ahead and create their own trail.

4.Strong Focus

Leaders with an intense dedication to their businesses are usually the most victorious. They will accept challenges as a part of the job and work tirelessly to overcome them. They also excel at motivating their employees and business partners to keep up with them as they pave the way toward their goals. Although they can focus on small tasks that require attention, they are more concerned with the overall picture.

5. Disciplined and Organized

A detail-orientated and disciplined nature is often necessary for the entrepreneur. Starting a business is not an effortless venture, which is why a comprehensive business plan is necessary. Research and analysis is important in planning and constructing a highly-efficient company. A lack of organization during any of the stages involved in opening and operating a business could result in grave blunders and overlooked priorities. The health of the company will depend on the individual’s ability to organize their commitments and focus on their objectives.

The lure of entrepreneurship calls out to many but only grants favor to those that that are truly willing to dedicate themselves to the job. If you are intrigued by challenges that expose you to great risk but contain the potential for immense reward then you just might flourish in the entrepreneurial world.


Author Bio: Orlando Rivera is an authorized internet marketing representative for Supercuts, a leader in the hair salon franchise industry. He is a huge rugby fan and loves to cheer on the London Wasps. When Orlando is not involved in rugby he can usually be found in the park with his bulldog Gordo.




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