Amazing Entrepreneurs I’ve Met At Big Omaha: Dan Martell

by Tim Jahn on April 25, 2012

This May I’m attending the Big Omaha conference in Omaha, NE for the third year in a row.  One of the many reasons I love attending the Big Omaha conference is the amazing entrepreneurs I meet there.  At Big Omaha 2011, I met Dan Martell, who was working on a company called Flowtown at the time.  Dan is one of those amazing entrepreneurs.

Who is Dan Martell?

Dan is the founder of and co-founder of Flowtown, which was acquired in 2011. He’s an entrepreneur at heart who loves helping other entrepreneurs every step of the way, as evidenced by the more than 1200+ questions he’s answered on the startup advice website Sprouter.  He’s also a very down to earth, pleasant person to be around.

Why is Dan an amazing entrepreneur?

Dan loves to help fellow entrepreneurs.  Between sharing advice on Sprouter, blogging on his “startup blog for founders up north” Maple Butter and mentoring with 500 Startups and C100 (an organization that supports Canadian technology development), Dan gives back to the community as much as he can.

Why was Dan at Big Omaha?

Dan spoke at Big Omaha 2011 about 5 unconventional steps to entrepreneurship based on his own experiences building companies.  You can learn more about the 5 steps in my interview with Dan Martell.

Where can I find Dan?

You can hit up Dan on Twitter, ask him a question on Sprouter, or check out his blog Maple Butter.

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