Coworking Directories That Will Help You Find Your Dream Space

by Stella Fayman on May 23, 2013

CoworkingI’m thoroughly convinced that coworking can help boost business. The open collaboration that’s often shared at these spots are super helpful and can lead to making connections, getting referrals, and getting extra sales/clients. All you need is a good personality and a few bucks, and the serendipity can happen with relative ease.
But before you can put yourself in serendipity’s path, you need to find a coworking location that’s suitable to your business and environment. This is where coworking directories can help you.

Locating Your Space

  • Desktime– This SaaS company helps coworking operators and coworkers themselves come together and schedule work times at locations that work best for them. For people looking for a “day desk” and for business owners that just want to rent out an occasional space, Desktime is a must.
  • LiquidSpace-In my experience, LiquidSpace can be a little pricey, but they boast a large inventory of spaces to choose from; and not just coworking spaces either. Many of their locations offer executive suites and large meeting rooms.
  • ShareDesk– Similar to Desktime, ShareDesk offers a solution to business owners and searchers alike. Between the shared spaces, corporate offices, lounges, and labs, ShareDesk can probably find a good fit near you.
  • Coworking Wiki– Neat, organized, and up to date (mostly). The coworking directory has a ton of information for shared spaces all around the world. The wiki (I’ve found) to be most helpful in locating the space, then doing your own research on the space via their site yourself.
  • WorkSnug– While WorkSnug has many of the same characteristics of the other directories, what sets them apart is their augmented reality app. Users can view locations, reviews, and other details while searching for spaces with their smartphone.
  • Google Coworking Group-The Google coworking group is a little hit or miss when it comes to finding a place near you. They have several updates to the forum every month, but these aren’t always about new coworking spaces. Sometimes they’re simple inquiries about where to find spaces, or showing off a new coworking blog post. All the same, it’s worth a try if you strike out at other directories.

Get To Searchin’

Your turn. If you haven’t already, browse through the sites above and see what cool spots are near you. Hopefully these directories will help you find that same serendipity I’ve found while working at coworking spaces. If you have your own unique coworking story, let me know in the comments below!

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