5 Reasons You’re Probably Not Going To Big Omaha Next Year

by Tim Jahn on May 19, 2011

Big OmahaI’m a huge fan of Big Omaha, which was last week, and I’m already pumped for next year.  I’ve written in the past about how great this conference is, but I realized not everybody may feel that way.  In fact, you’re probably not going to be there next year.

Why?  Because:

1. You prefer 10 tracks of speakers.

With a single track of speakers and everybody in one room together, Big Omaha will be too intimate and together for you.  There’s too much energy in one place, too much learning in a small space, and too many relationships being built over the course of a few days.  And who are we kidding…one track of speakers?  That’s TOO easy.  You’re an expert multi-tasker, able to absorb 31 speakers from 6 tracks all in one day.  Big Omaha would be child’s play for you.

2. You despise snacks and drinks.

You’re not one to appreciate the Lifesavers, Fruit Roll Ups, muffins, granola bars, water, and more that are available all day, every day at Big Omaha.  You’d rather have no snacks available to you throughout the conference and instead let the entire room hear your stomach growl.

3. You like to mingle in a crowd of 60,000, not 600.

It’s true.  There were a bit more than 600 people at this year’s Big Omaha.  That might be a bit small for you.  A bit too easy to really get to know fellow entrepreneurs, to learn who they are, why they do what they do.  You prefer trying to meet just under a thousand people at every party each night, collecting as many business cards as possible, and throwing them in your shoebox before you start it all over again next time.

4. You like fluff but not substance.

If you seek ambiguous theories as fluffy as the cotton candy at the carnival last summer, you should probably skip Big Omaha next year.  There’s a bit too much substance streaming from the stage there, caused by the top notch quality of speakers that the organizers invite and how excited the speakers are to be there.  You would be confused as to why the speakers would be so excited to be at some conference.  After all, you’re used to 173 speakers, of which you usually only manage to see 19 on a good day.

5. You don’t like standing ovations or friendly audience participation.

You might be surprised on day 1 of Big Omaha when you realize how much audience participation there can be.  After all, you’re used to sitting in the back of the room with your laptop, tweeting about how your iPhone battery sucks and is going to die any minute.  You wouldn’t be too happy if the Big Omaha MC David Hauser, founder of Grasshopper, asked you and the entire back row to pick up your seats and move to the front row.  Or if David asked the audience to give each and every speaker an incredible standing ovation each time they came on stage.


Don’t worry, we understand.  This is all new to you.  You’re not used to connecting with such amazing creators and entrepreneurs, listening to speakers who actually have something of value to say, and overall getting so much bang for your buck.

No problem.  Just don’t be too pissed if we’re a bit delayed in returning your phone calls or replying to your emails next May.  We’re going to be a little busy creating, sharing, and building in Omaha.

That’s right.  Omaha, Nebraska.  Home of the airport whose security line is never more than a few people long.

Photo courtesy of Big Omaha/Malone & Company

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