Techli “There wasn’t a whole lot of fluff, just a lot of really good, useful advice.”
Techli – April 17, 2013
Techli “…founders discussed how they turned their individual passions into successful businesses.”
Techli – June 21, 2012
“…the setting was intimate and the speakers were disarmingly open.”
Crain’s Chicago Business – April 5, 2012
Mightybytes “…one of the most inspiring events I’ve ever been to…an insightful conversation.”
Mightybytes – January 26, 2012
BizSugar “…brings entrepreneurs together.”
BizSugar – January 10, 2012
Business Insider “Zaarly’s CEO Bo Fishback has given 40 minute presentations with his baby Pierce strapped to him.”
Business Insider – January 8, 2012
“…it’s like a story slam, but all about the ins and outs and ebbs and flows of the entrepreneur’s hustle and struggle.”
NBC Chicago – December 15, 2011
“…get up-close-and-personal with the speakers.” – November 16, 2011
“…a fantastic lineup of speakers.”
Silicon Prairie News – November 15, 2011
“Every seat is a VIP seat.”
Think Big Kansas City – November 1, 2011
The Huffington Post “There certainly is a hunger for these kinds of events.”
The Huffington Post – October 13, 2011
Startup America Partnership “Excelerate’s Demo Day 2011 was a proud day for Chicago and for all involved.”
Startup America Partnership – September 1, 2011
“…found the programs to be excellent with several entrepreneurs sharing stories about a specific issue…”
Successful In Chicago – August 10, 2011
“The venues are cozy, the speakers are awesome and crowd is grade A.”
Bitesize PR – July 25, 2011
“…the sort of thing you don’t normally talk about in the company history section on your website. It’s a little more intimate.”
Insight Labs – May 20, 2011
“Definitely try to make the next one of these.”
Built In Chicago – May 1, 2011
“I thought the event was a big success and I’ll definitely attend future events”
The Moonlight Entrepreneur – April 27, 2011
“…an intimate setting that will inspire and elucidate myths about entrepreneurship.” – April 18, 2011
“…if you have questions expect to find others who share them and also the answers to ones you haven’t even thought of.”
NBC Chicago – April 20, 2011
“The audiences are large, the drinks are copious, and the entertainment is rampant.”
Crain’s Chicago Business – April 19, 2011

“…cuts right to the topics attendees want to tackle.”
Give Forward – February 24, 2011
“…one of the best events I’ve attended…really looking forward to the next session…”
MapDing – February 14, 2011
“…a great event here in Chicago, featuring innovative businesses, compelling speakers, and a growing entrepreneur community.”
EngineWorks – February 11, 2011
“What a great event…I can’t wait for the next one!”
Shuling Yong – February 11, 2011