The Hidden Danger Being a Solo Entrepreneur

by Melanie Grillet on March 25, 2014

So I’ve achieved my dream of owning my own business, helping people through our coaching, and having an entirely free and mobile lifestyle. It’s AWEsome. I love it so much, I’m fueled daily to work on my business from the early morning to the wee hours, unless I’m hanging with my hubby or doing something else cool.

Solo entrepreneur on phoneSo what’s the problem?

Well, I’ve noticed in my intense devotion toward my solo entrepreneurial pursuits, that that’s exactly what they are… solo. Running an online/over-the-phone business, it’s easy to lose social connections as you work work work on all the things you’re in charge of and can control all alone. In the blur of productivity, you may not see the actual cost that comes with all that alone time until you’re running on emotional fumes.

Find balance

Instead, look for the balance of social time and alone time that works for you and your business. Recognize that one of the essential elements of running your business may actually be to take some time away from it to engage with the others… to be social… to fuel your spirit in the ways that only come from personal connection.

Anyone want to go out for a drink? I’m in!

Melanie Curtis Head Shot1Melanie Grillet is a life coach, writer, world traveler, art lover, movie-maker, homeowner, professional skydiver, devoted wife, and Founder and CEO of Melanie goes huge in all aspects of her life, living her version of “the dream,” and helps other people live theirs too through coachingeducationtransformative conversations, and no-nonsense accountability.





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  • Wayne Liew

    Looking for the right balance between work and social is important for every entrepreneur.

    For me, I try not to get distracted by work when I’m spending time with my family and girlfriend. Also, I am very open about my workload and schedule. Sharing and telling them about my work has definitely helped to make them to better understand the position I am in as a part time entrepreneur.

    With that understanding, they seem fine with me declining occasional social invitations or leaving early. :)

    • Melanie Grillet

      Nice. Thanks for sharing, Wayne. I think you point to two big parts of success in entrepreneurial balance… consciousness and communication. In other words, know that balance is something worth giving conscious consideration to, and talking about your work life with your non-work loved ones who want your time and attention (and who you want to give your time and attention to too :)). Awesome.

  • Resources for Solo Biz Owners

    We’d join you for a drink if we were in the same place :)

    • Melanie Grillet

      Awesome! And thank you! :D I’m located in Phoenix most of the time, but travel often. Where are you? :)

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  • Ranjanraji

    Hahaahha… That’s True Melanie! Though we have this in mind, but many times we just want ourselves to be sticked with that Chair and our Computer..