Interview with Red Frog Events

by Tim Jahn on May 14, 2010

In this episode, I’m chatting with Joe Reynolds and Ryan Kunkel from Red Frog Events, a Chicago based event planning company that seeks to provide the most fun people can have through their two main events, Warrior Dash and Great Urban Race.

Here’s a transcript of my chat with Joe and Ryan from Red Frog Events:

Red Frog Events is an event planning company.  We have two creative, unique running events all across the United States.  One is called Warrior Dash and is an intense obstacle course that ends with a big festival, with music, beer, food, everything that goes along with that.

We also have our other running series the Great Urban Race which is an urban scavenger hunt type event similar to the television show “The Amazing Race”.

Our goal is to provide people with the most fun they’ve ever had.  People are seeking staycations or something to do when their friends come to town or with their significant others and dinner and a movie gets old.  People want a little more pep in their step and that’s what we provide.

I was watching “The Amazing Race” in the spring of 2007.  I was inspired by the show and thought I could create something for the masses, something like that show that everybody could do.

So I dove right in and started that summer by launching a website.  I had an event in Chicago on September 15, 2007 and it went pretty well.  The event went well enough that I did 7 more around the country in the fall.  Those events also went well so I sold the house painting business I had in the suburbs and jumped in with a 20 city tour in 2008 with a $10,000 grand prize in Las Vegas.  We kind of made it into a full nationwide tour.

I am incredibly focused on having a company that is the best place to work in the world.  I think we’re achieving that so far with Red Frog.  It all starts with bringing in the right people.  When you have a great place to work, great people want to come work there, and it all kind of goes from there.

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  • N123GB

    I am in the same boat, just found out I am pregnant and they wouldnt give me a refund or transfer my registration. Worse yet, they wouldnt even let me speak with a supervisor. What kind of policy is this?! Even offered to provide medical docs! Poor taste in company policy

  • Richard

    I’d love to hear an interview with Joe and Ryan now as their revenue has absolutely plummeted over the last 18 months, they are bleeding employees, and they are having a hard time getting interns because of how horribly they are treated. Please, PLEASE interview them again and ask some ballsy questions.