My Top 3 Timesaving Discoveries of 2012

by Stella Fayman on December 26, 2012

Can you believe 2012 is almost over? I certainly can’t. While this year was a hallmark year for me (sold a company, started business school, got engaged) there are three somewhat little things that I learned to make life more organized on an everyday basis:

1) TaskRabbit This site and its accompanying mobile app is the perfect backup for busy entrepreneurs (pointing to self). It helps you be better than human. Start here: calculate how much your time is worth on an hourly basis. Let’s say it’s worth $20 an hour. If you forgot to pick something up at the store, need an errand run for your business or any other locally outsource-able task see how much it will cost to have someone else do it on TaskRabbit. I used the service this year for everything from picking up something I forgot at the store to having someone buy and deliver hefty soda and water bottles for an event (way cheaper than ordering from the caterer). TaskRabbit is your backup for those days when you just need someone else to get something done.

2) Blazers- This year, I learned about the simplicity of a few choice items making up your wardrobe rather than many items clogging up your closet. One of those choice items is the almighty blazer. Now before you role your eyes at me and wonder why I mention this in an entrepreneurship blog, you may be surprised to learn that a blazer can make anyone look more professional: even if you just throw it on over a tshirt. Now I carry a blazer with me almost all the time in case I have a meeting or event where I need to look just a bit more polished to represent my business. This helps me save time by not having to carry multiple outfits if I have an evening event, and it also saves me the embarrassment of being underdressed at a professional event.

3) TripIt- If you are not forwarding all of your trip itineraries to TripIt, you are missing out. This magical (and free!) app aggregates all of your travel information into handy detail oriented trips. Can’t remember what airline you’re flying next week? Check on TripIt. Need the phone number or confirmation number for your rental car? Check TripIt. Especially if you travel frequently and tend to get airlines and reservations mixed up, TripIt is a godsend of organizational majesty that will make your travel experience much less stressful.

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