Building Your Website Idea When You’re Not Technical – with Mark Lawrence

by Tim Jahn on July 29, 2011

Mark Lawrence is the co-founder of SpotHero, a website that enables you to reserve parking spots ahead of time in cities like Chicago. If you’re ever driven around Wrigley Field trying to find a spot before the Cubs game, or arrived 30 minutes before your meeting in downtown Chicago because it takes that long to find parking, you appreciate a site like SpotHero.

In this interview, Mark and I discuss how SpotHero was created, and how best to approach building a website idea when neither you or your co-founder are technical people.

(Mark and I recently realized we both went to Bradley University at the same time).

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  • Corey Blake

    Mark, huge congrats on the business. Here’s to thriving in Chicago!

    • Tim Jahn

      Here here! 🙂

  • Abdulrhmaan

    nice.. I couldn’t find Audio version, even in ITunes!

    • Tim Jahn

      Sorry about that. is having some sort of issue converting the audio version. Hope to have it up soon.

  • Pjextraordinaire

    This is just the kind of advice I needed. Thanks Tim!

    • Tim Jahn

      Glad to hear it! Thanks for the comment.