From Creating Baby Accessories For Gwen Stefani’s Baby To Helping Mom Entrepreneurs – with Jill Salzman

by Tim Jahn on March 1, 2012

Jill Salzman is the founder of The Founding Moms, a website and live local meetup that helps mom entrepreneurs connect, exchange knowledge, and learn from each other.  The first meetup started in Chicago and there are now regular The Founding Moms meetups all over the world.

Jill’s journey as an entrepreneur starts with a company she started to manage bands all over the U.S. and includes Bumble Bells, a baby accessory company that she sold in 2011, whose products were worn by Gwen Stefani’s baby.

In this interview, Jill and I chat about:

  • why it’s important to get your idea out to market quickly
  • why it’s important to test your idea regularly
  • the advantages and disadvantages of planning versus just iterating
  • and much more!

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  • Denna

    Hi Tim, just so you know, I came across your site from an iTunes Podcast, and by the way you react to Jill mentioning Australia, I wonder if you have ever been here? It just so happens I am the Founding Mums Host in Brisbane! Yes, we say Mum, not Mom. 🙂 Jill never shared with me this video. But I’m so glad I stumbled upon it. I plan to share it with my network Down Under. It will not only help people get a better understanding of Jill, and why I love being apart of what she is building, but I can see your site will become a great resource for me – I’ll be sure to let “my” entrepreneurial mums within my networks Down Under know about it, and you too.

    • Tim

      Nope, never been there! Thanks for reading and spreading the word. 🙂

      • Tim Jahn


        – Tim