From Six Figures At Google To Full Time Entrepreneur – with Jenny Blake

by Tim Jahn on October 28, 2011

Jenny Blake is the founder of Life After College, a blog, book, and movement that seeks to help people to live big and get what they want.  After over half a decade working at Google, Jenny recently made the leap to being a full time entrepreneur.

We chat about her time at Google, why she started Life After College, and what kind of planning she did prior to leaving her full time job.

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  • Kristi

    This interview was so crazy and inspirational for me because Jenny has the exact same story as I do but is 3-4 months ahead of me. I just left my six figure job at P&G to pursue my dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. I am 1 month in and totally experiencing everything Jenny said. I can 100% relate to mood swing issue and really love her advice on putting her health first. At some points during the interview it felt like I was the one being interviewed. I am so glad there are other people out there going through the same things I am experiencing.

    • Tim Jahn

      Glad you enjoyed the interview Kristi! Thanks for the comment. 🙂