Why Being A Non-Technical Founder Isn’t A Bad Thing – with Jason Goodrich

by Tim Jahn on November 25, 2011

I first interviewed Jason Goodrich over a year ago when his company was called A Space Apart.  Since then, Jason and his co-founder (and wife) Gretchen have participated in Excelerate Labs, a 3 month long accelerator program in Chicago.  They’ve also rebranded/renamed their company to Short List and have change their business model.

I caught up with Jason to hear about his experience at Excelerate Labs, the challenges of switching from a service based model to product based, and the advantages of being a non-technical founder.

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  • http://twitter.com/EllenMalloy Ellen Malloy

    There’s such a weird old wives tale that tech companies need tech founders. It is pretty short-sighted concept. I really appreciate that your interview here starts to demystify the benefits of non-technical founders.

    • http://www.EntrepreneursUnpluggd.com Tim Jahn

      Agreed Ellen. I’ve interviewed a bunch of founders who feel the same way and didn’t let that stop them.
      Thanks for the comment!