Switching From Consulting To Building A Product – with Jaime Brugueras

by Tim Jahn on August 26, 2011

Jaime Brugueras is the co-founder and CEO of Mineful, a Chicago based company that helps retailers keep customers by using math-powered alerts.  Mineful recently won the first round of Bloomberg Television’s weekly TechStars contest on Facebook, and were semi-finalists in the TechStars incubator program.

I interviewed Jaime to learn how he took Mineful from a consulting, service based company to a company centered around a product.  I think it’s a situation a lot of us entrepreneurs find ourselves in and Jaime has a great perspective on it all.

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  • TheNewDork

    Ever since the acquisition of Skype by Microsoft? haha what are you trying to say Tim? Great interview though!

    • http://www.BeyondThePedway.com Tim Jahn

      I’ve noticed an extra hiccup or two… 😉 Thanks for watching!