Introducing Jeff Chenoweth, Our New Director of Online Media

by Stella Fayman on September 25, 2012

We’re so excited to be expanding the Entrepreneurs Unpluggd family with the addition of Jeff Chenoweth. Jeff has guest blogged on EU before, and  is excited to grow our online presence with exciting new content and features. So who is this mysterious character with the wind blown hair and happy smile?

I sat Jeff down (OK not really, he lives in Florida while we are in Chicago) to get the scoop.

Stella: So Jeff, how did you get interested in entrepreneurship?

Jeff: My first real boss and mentor, who just so happens to be an entrepreneur himself, encouraged me be creative in my approach to my work, and to not settle for doing something I was less than happy with.  Under his influence, I guess at some point I sort of started feeling that, as an entrepreneur I could be more creative and flexible with my career, the projects I involve myself with, and the people I collaborate with.  So far that’s holding true.

Stella: What technology advances are you most excited about?

Jeff: I’m pretty stoked about the new Maps feature on iOS 6 since I’m usually lost somewhere, at some point of the day, for some substantial amount of time.  I’m also excited about NFC and what crazy shit I’ll be able to do with my phone in the coming months.

Stella: You may be the only one left who still has hopes for iOS6 maps. Besides EU, what are your favorite blogs?

Jeff: A few of my favorites are The Daily What, Thought Catalog and The Great Discontent.

Stella: Cheesy, yet totally necessary question: Why do you love Entrepreneurs Unpluggd?

Jeff: Any time I find a place online where I can go to find information that makes my life easier, teach me something new, or keep me up to date with what’s going on in my industry, I’m making it a point to go back.  Entrepreneurs Unpluggd is somewhere I’ve always felt I can go to get truly valuable content, also infused with a bit of character, on a consistent basis.

Stella: Last question: What’s your biggest pet peeve?

Jeff: I really have no patience or interest in reality TV.  There.  I said it.

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