Introducing Colin Boardway, Our New Digital Marketing Intern

by Jeff Chenoweth on October 3, 2012

The Entrepreneurs Unpluggd team is excited to introduce you to our brand spankin’ new Digital Marketing Intern, Colin Boardway.  The self-proclaimed “taco aficionado,” is currently studying marketing and entrepreneurship at Loyola University of Chicago, and is eager to help develop and leverage our social media networks, analytics and SEO.

We wanted to get to know Colin a little better, of course, so I recently asked him a few pressing questions.

Jeff: How did you become interested in entrepreneurship, Colin?

Colin: I think I was in 4th or 5th grade and I used to draw funny comics and write stupid stories for my friends. I started making copies and printed them into a little newspaper called “And Stuff” that I used to sell at lunch for any silver change someone would give me. It was going great until they found out I was walking into the teacher’s lounge to print them, so I ended up in the principal’s office. I worked a bunch of crummy jobs in high school but then eventually started a DJ company that I still operate. Once I got to college I was able to put a formal name on what I’d been doing and really started exploring the entrepreneurship community within Chicago.

Jeff: Hustling in grade school.  I love it.  Let’s talk social media.  What’s your favorite network to use and why?

Colin: Twitter – hands down. I’m always using it to get the most up-to-date news on just about anything I want. Also, it’s a great medium for comedy and I think the character limit really forces comedians to get creative with their execution. As far as Facebook goes, I think Guillaume Martin (Pictarine) said it best: “my timeline is garbage.”

Jeff: What are a few of your favorite blogs and websites to follow?

Colin: I’m constantly finding new and interesting content online so it’s always changing. Right now I’m a really big fan of Fast Company’s Co-Exist blog, anything that’s on Svbtle but especially Micah Baldwin’s “Learn to Duck”, and Cool Hunting. I also just discovered Google Currents -which is awesome, and I use that to check out stuff like TechCrunch and find out what’s going on with Stanford’s entrepreneurs.

Jeff: In terms of music, movies or other entertainment, who or what is your biggest guilty pleasure?  I wont judge you… much.

Colin: I’ve always loved funky, soulful, deep house music. People hear that and are like “what?” but I’d consider it as essential to my daily routine as coffee, I can’t imagine studying without it.

Jeff: Last, but not least, why do you love Entrepreneurs Unpluggd?

Colin: Entrepreneurs Unpluggd is awesome because it combines valuable online content with getting out of the building and engaging with what you’re learning. It’s one thing to better yourself through online learning but a completely different one to be able to interact and network with others who are doing the same thing – and that’s something you just can’t replicate in an online setting. It also helps that they actually update weekly (bloggers, take note).


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