How to Use Your Smart Phone to Manage Your Business

by Guest Author on November 13, 2013

smart phone to manage your businessNowadays, managing your business has become easier thanks to different gadgets that have been introduced. Did you know it’s possible to manage your business using your smart phone? Yes, as a business owner, you need to make sure you get a smart phone today so you can manage and organize your business better. There are many ways that you can use your smart phone to improve efficiency and productivity. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the apps that can be helpful along with using tools in your smart phone to be able to manage your business.

Get automated software

If you own an Android phone, you should get automated software such as Automatelt. Automation software allows your smart phone to be able to complete tasks based on the rules that you have created.  It ultimately provides a simple, yet powerful way to manage files, packages, services, networks, accounts, roles, templates and more. AutomateIt’s faster, more efficient systems management helps localize around competitors and even deliver higher-quality service.

Quick directions

This simply means that when it comes to quick directions, you will be able to use the touch screen function to navigate easily to specific places.  You will realize that quick directions enable you to use your smart phone more efficiently since you will not be required to type anything but instead you just need to touch the screen. For more efficiency, you should make a point of putting directions shortcut in a folder.

Quick calls

As for quick calls, this is your shortcut to call specific people that you want. Moreover, quick calls increase your efficiency, because instead of going through your contacts, you just need to select the person on your home screen and simply make a call.

Make use of speech text

Using a smart phone allows you to use speech text, which can be very helpful, especially if you are driving your car. What you simply do is talk to your smart phone and your phone will turn the information into text. You can talk much faster than you can text, which is ideal especially if you are driving, and as such you can still send emails and texts while driving or doing other things.

Use task organizers apps

As a business owner, you should add task organizer apps such as GTasks to your smart phone. These task organisers help you be more efficient, since it can keep you on task throughout the day. You should know that task organiser apps such as GTasks makes it easier to add and check off items hence know how you plan the day for your business.

Manage your money

Smart phones can also help you in managing your money. This means that you will know how much income is flowing in your business. For a business to grow, proper money management is very important. An example of this is the Mint app, where its power comes from its analytical tools.  It will draw upon all your financial activity, for instance, organize spending into simple categories such as overheads, etc. The tablet version even offers multi-colored interactive historical pie charts. You can also set up a budget based on those categories and keep track of how well you stick to it and where you overspend.


Nowadays you need to know that investing in a good smart phone is not a luxury anymore. It is good to know that with a simple smart phone, you will be able to manage your business hence help it to grow.

evanJulie Evans is an EPOS expert and currently serves as the head of marketing at Epos Direct. For more than 16 years, she has researched and analysed the requirements of a wide range of business formats to develop EPOS software that satisfies their unique requirements.



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