How To Use Mobile Devices For Entrepreneurial Success

by Christine Mortensen on June 30, 2014

entrepreneurs and mobileToday’s entrepreneurs do business and manage their enterprises on the go while traveling, visiting customers and vendors, or poolside during time with the family. It’s no longer necessary to spend eight or 10 hours every weekday in an office behind a desk and in meetings.The flexibility and accessibility that smart phones, tablets, and apps provide are staples of the modern work world.

Smart Phones are the New Business Steering Wheel

Not too long ago, keeping in touch with subordinates, meeting with customers and vendors, and talking to the banker were all done from a central location – the desk in the office.

Today’s new business owner is likely to be a mobile entrepreneur like Avi Shenkar in Pennsylvania. Business and travel writer Joseph Pisani interviewed Shenkar and found that the salon owner starts his day with his smartphone long before he ever steps foot in one of his four business locations. He keeps in touch with employees, remotely sets the music to play in his salons, and monitors video feeds from security cameras with his phone at any time, enabling him to respond to business issues in real time.

Smart phones enable entrepreneurs to do business locally or from across the country, and multitask like no other tool. They are more economical than business tools like cash registers, desktop computers, and land lines alone. They can take and post photos of products, stream video of events, make social media contacts with customers and accept and make payments — smart phones are a universal tool for starting and running a business.

Tablets – the Smart Phone’s Awesome Cousin

While smart phones seem limitlessly useful and economical, tablets have their own unique value to entrepreneurs. They offer an easy and engaging way to present to clients in the office and at trade shows and conventions. Their creative use as electronic menus, interactive sales brochures, or pitch decks make them versatile sales and marketing tools to engage target audiences. The size and display quality of tablets can do things smart phones just won’t accommodate.

There’s an App for That

Business productivity and marketing are top priorities for entrepreneurs who have more good ideas than time and money. That’s why apps are an entrepreneur’s best friend. For busy, mobile entrepreneurs, apps like 30/30, Pocket, Buffer, and CardMunch save time and enable them to get things done better.

30/30 is a free task manager that lets you easily prioritize and time important tasks so you get to them and you get them done. They don’t hang out on your to-do list endlessly.

Pocket lets you save content in a list that’s available to you on any device, so you never have to try to get back to that interesting article or tech review that you read on the train or saw in your Facebook feed.

Tired of hopping from Facebook to Twitter to YouTube to post? Stop and let Buffer help you manage them all from one interface.

Stop sifting through piles of business cards or trying to remember where you put that green and black business card you got from a new product rep. CardMunch takes your photos of business cards and turns them into contacts.

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