How To Choose The Right Security Products For Your Business

by Guest Author on January 3, 2014

How To Choose The Right Security Products For Your Business


No two businesses are alike. Different businesses have different requirements when it comes to security and many of them don’t come cheap so it’s vital to choose the right measures for you. Your security choices will be dependent on your location, assets and company type, you have to safeguard the value of your resources by choosing security that both protects them from crime and deters criminal behaviour by seeing what works and what doesn’t for different types of business.



When we think of business theft we often think of the retail sector. You want to encourage people into your shop and put them at ease so they can relax and take their time over purchases while at the same time having security measures to ensure no one is too comfortable and ends up walking out with an armful of goods they haven’t paid for.

Dos –

  • Issue all of your stock with security tags that will set off an alarm unless deactivated by scanning or removal, have members of staff on the shop floor keeping an eye on customer behaviour without being imposing and implement CCTV to keep a record of the goings on within your shop.
  • Shops come with large store windows to highlight current stock and entice people inside; these need to be protected when the store is closed so no one breaks the window and illegally enters the premises. Internal or external security grilles can be implemented to highlight your window display without allowing your window to be penetrated. External roller shutters are one of the most secure ways to protect your windows, they do, however, obscure your window display at night.



  • Don’t overdo it.  Customer comfort has a huge impact on whether or not they will make a purchase; they need to have the freedom to interact with your products without feeling like they are under surveillance or being accused. Make your open-hours security demure, tag your stock but allow it to be handled and moved freely around the store and have plain clothes security guards who can keep an eye on your floor without being invasive or intimidating.


Warehouses house a lot of valuable stock, machinery, merchandise and materials and, unlike with many other industries, are usually set in remote locations far away from prying eyes.

Dos –

  • Consider each area of a warehouse separately depending on its value and need. As a general rule your warehouse should be equipped with CCTV, access control, secure locking, security doors and potentially secure roller shutters so access is completely prohibited to the site when it is not in use. Utilising CCTV that is linked up to a security control point ensures that the most vulnerable areas of your premises always have eyes on them when there is no one physically on site. Depending on the location of your premises there may be roaming security guards already employed to work during nights, if not many companies see a benefit in employing their own to deter criminals.


  • Server rooms and data centre wire cages can keep valuable internal points of your business safe so in the case that an intruder does gain access there is an extra barrier between them and your data, money and/or valuable materials.


  • Keep a stock list and a register of who is working and in what area so you can protect against employee theft. Internal CCTV will also monitor members of staff to ensure they do not steal.


  • There are very few don’ts when it comes to warehouse security, it is important to have an element of trust in your employees so they don’t feel there are eyes constantly peering over their shoulders in order to ensure their morale, and therefor efficiency, stays high.
  • Avoid using security measures to spy on staff. If your CCTV system is set up to prevent theft and identify criminals try not to use footage to accuse staff of lack of productivity.

When choosing your security measures you should weigh cost against value. Investing in a high tech security system that costs thousands to install and a small fortune to maintain might not be the most efficient use of resources when CCTV and security grilles will be enough to deter any criminal behaviour. Finally, remember to make sure the basics are covered, ensure your locks are of a high standard and your doors/windows are all secure before moving on to bigger jobs.

This post was written by Emma Smith on behalf of Enerco, leading suppliers, manufacturers and installers of premium quality doors, loading bay and security solutions who can help you upgrade your security, no matter what your industry. 

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