Stuck On The Chicken And Egg Problem? Why You Should Chase The Chicken – with Derek Shanahan

by Tim Jahn on March 22, 2012

Derek Shanahan is the co-founder of FoodTree, a company that builds tools to connect the dots of the food system.  They currently have a website and an iPhone app, to help people learn more about where their food comes from.

In this interview, Derek and I chat about:

  • how it’s possible to make money off unbiased transparency
  • why thinking about a business model upfront is so important
  • how to deal with the classic “chicken and egg” problem when you have two customer bases
  • and much more!

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  • Derek

    Big thanks for having me, Tim. Ugh…hate watching myself ramble on and on in video:)

    • Tim Jahn

      Thanks for the great interview Derek! I know what you mean about watching yourself, I hate watching myself too. 🙂