Building A Cult Rather Than A Culture When Building A Company – with Bryan Jowers

by Tim Jahn on February 2, 2012

Bryan Jowers is the co-founder of Giftiki, a website that allows you to pool money together with your friends as a gift.  He and his co-founder started the company a year and a half ago in Texas, before moving to Cincinnati for a startup accelerator program and finally settling in the valley.  With their team of 8, Giftiki is known as a company that cares deeply about its culture and its employees.

In this interview, Bryan and I chat about:

  • why it’s 1000 times harder to change your culture on day 2
  • why culture is so important to a company
  • Bryan’s experience in a startup accelerator program
  • and much more!

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  • Niall Devitt

    Bryan sounds like a cool guy and I love the idea behind Giftiki. I also agree that building a culture is so very important for a start-up, great interview!

    • Tim Jahn

      Thanks for the comment Niall! I’m a fan of great company culture and I think it makes a big difference.