Avoid Rookie Mistakes: Understand the Power of Marketing Videos

by Christine Mortensen on July 8, 2014

Marketing videosVideo brings a lot of value to the marketing table for entrepreneurs. Here are the facts: Forrester Research’s Dr. James McQuivey says a one-minute video is equivalent to 1.8 million words. Online engagement measurement and usage site comScore says almost 50 percent of Internet users view at least one video online each month. Forbes says 75 percent of executives watch work-related videos each week. As you can see, incorporating video into your marketing strategy can potentially provide an enormous ROI. Avoid making a rookie mistake and seriously consider integrating videos into your marketing strategy today.

What Will Video Do?

Video engages your customers and audience more quickly and economically than words. Video easily builds brand awareness and can help you rank higher with search engines. According to TechSmith, videos make it easier to reach and persuade your audience because they are fun and informational, they keep the audience interested and they get important business information in front of decision makers faster than pages of Web copy or technical information.

Computing giants like Cisco and social media analysts like SocialMediaExaminer all point to the growing use of video online as a strong argument for incorporating video marketing. Video enables you to convey messages in ways that are both engaging and economical.

How Much Does Video Cost?

While you could easily blow your entire budget on professional video content with a big advertising agency or commercial videographer, Manufacturer.com CEO Jason Prescott says you don’t have to. Creating and uploading your own video, incorporating user-generated content, and using economical stock video services like those at Shutterstock.com help your small business get the full value of video within a limited budget.

For the price of a digital video camera or stock video service almost anyone can create videos to promote their products and services, engage customers, advertise sales and special offers and vastly extend their marketing reach and spend.

Asking employees and customers to create quick testimonial videos also won’t cost anything. Bumped out to YouTube’s vast audience, these types of videos get your business in front of more people than most traditional marketing methods ever could.

Video and Social Media Marketing

Creating engaging and informative videos to inform customers about your business, promote your products and services and build brand awareness is just one aspect of video marketing. Using video in social media marketing by opening a YouTube channel or posting videos with a targeted marketing focus on Facebook increases engagement and reach even further.

Forbes contributor and AudienceBloom founder Jayson DeMers says 2013 video sharing trends point to visual content as an increasingly relevant part of content strategy. He says that video sharing in social media has started to evolve just like microblogging, with Vine and Instagram’s video sharing mimicking Twitter’s condensed version of blogging.

Don’t just create a few videos and let them sit. Integrate video into your website and then use it on social media platforms including Facebook, Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn. Use them to showcase your products, people, services and company story. Use them to preview new product launches, upcoming sales, interview customers and employees and showcase events.

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  • Lora Schafer

    Thank you for the ideas…are there any software suggestions you have? How much time should I expect to spend on making a short video?