Quitting Your Job And Becoming A “Slasher” – With Alexis Grant

by Tim Jahn on September 9, 2011

Alexis Grant is a “slasher”.  She describes her slashes as a journalist, an author, owner of a company called Socialexis, and a social media strategist.  Her social media consulting firm that she started on the side of her day job pulls in $2k a month in extra income.

I invited Alexis here to chat about the idea of becoming a “slasher” and how it’s making more and more sense for people today, and the different creative revenue sources Alexis has created for herself.

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  • http://jessicalawlor.com Jessica Lawlor

    Loved this interview, Tim. I really admire Alexis and have worked with her on various projects over the past few years. It’s so exciting to see her take this next step. The term ‘slasher’ is perfect and applies to so many people; even though I have a FT job, I definitely consider myself a ‘slasher.’

    • http://www.BeyondThePedway.com Tim Jahn

      Thanks for watching Jessica! I agree that Alexis is great. I consider myself a “slasher” too but as I mentioned to Alexis, I’m currently focus on minimizing my slashes to just the key ones.

  • http://www.leslieforman.com Leslie Forman

    I liked the interview too. I’m a slasher, involved in more than one project and relishing the challenge of balancing it all. Currently no one seems to need be full time, and every day is different. I appreciated the practical tips about saving and scheming.

    • http://www.BeyondThePedway.com Tim Jahn

      I like how Alexis calls it scheming. 🙂 Having every day different is fun.
      Thanks for the comment Leslie!

  • http://aliciavaz.com Alicia Vaz

    I hadn’t heard the term “slasher” before now, I love it! I’ve been told to just focus on one thing at a time and honestly, it’s hard for me. I find myself wanting to diversify (is what I call it) so it’s nice to see that there are others out there like myself that are slashing away at opportunities. I’m embracing my slasher side a bit more now. Great interview, thanks!

    • http://www.BeyondThePedway.com Tim Jahn

      I hadn’t heard the term either before meeting Alexis. I think having multiple slashes is ok if you’re ensuring each one is meaningful and matters to you.
      Thanks for the comment Alicia!