5 Must Have Web Tools For Entrepreneurs

by Tim Jahn on May 31, 2011

These days, there are tons of tools out there solving all sorts of problems.  There are a few I find myself using on a daily basis to help run my business more efficiently and successfully.  I’m always on the lookout for new practical tools too, so if you know of any, let me know in the comments below!

1. CardMunch

I’ve expressed my love for this handy dandy iPhone app before, but trust me, it’s definitely worth expressing again.  Back in the day, I had a little box full of business cards I’d collect from networking events, conferences, and the like.

Months down the road, I’d remember there might be somebody in there I needed to contact.  I’d open the box….and do nothing.  How was I supposed to sort through hundreds of business cards (which weren’t in any particular order) to find a specific person?

Enter CardMunch.  This slick iPhone app scans your business cards, transcribes them and files them in your CardMunch account (both in your iPhone app and on the CardMunch site, where you can neatly export all your contacts).  All for free (thanks to their recent acquisition by LinkedIn).

2. Evernote

Sometimes I feel like Evernote is written about to death, but then I discover people who have legitimately never heard of this useful app before.  So this is for those people.

Evernote is quite simply the best place to jot any thoughts you have throughout your day.  You can do this by typing your notes into Evernote, taking a picture, recording your voice, or even downloading PDFs into the app.  They have apps on all the major mobile platforms, as well as desktop versions and a web version.

Simply put, you can access all your thoughts on any device.  This app is perfect for jotting down your next business idea, meeting notes, potential blog posts, etc.  A must have for sure!

3. Dropbox

Dropbox is the best way to share files among your business partners and collaborators.  Stella and I use Dropbox religiously to store all of our files for our events for entrepreneurs, from sponsor logos to event presentations to sponsorship packets to our pre-show music.

Dropbox has apps for all the major mobile platforms and integrates seamlessly with your desktop by simply creating a Dropbox folder that you sync your files to.  I’ve yet to find a more convenient, easy way to share files.

4. MailChimp

If you have any email marketing needs whatsoever, MailChimp is your monkey.  We use them for our mailing list and as we continue to grow, MailChimp is right there with us.  Their free account lasts forever and gives you up to 2,000 subscribers! 2,000!

Their interface is super easy to use, their emails always go through (never have bounce problems), and their reports rock.  Creating an account, creating a subscription form, and sending out emails takes no time at all.  Every entrepreneur needs the MailChimp monkey at their side.

5. Basecamp

Basecamp is another tool Stella and I use almost daily to plan our events for entrepreneurs.  It’s a simple, easy to use web based project management tool created by 37signals.

We centralize our communication in Basecamp and organize it all, so we can easily keep track of what needs to be done with each event, who’s doing what, what’s missing, etc.  I really don’t know where we’d be without Basecamp.  It beats sending emails back and forth any day.

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  • http://cofounderslab.com/ Skaviani

    I think HyperOffice could go on this list. It’s an integrated suite which does all of what Drop Box, and BaseCamp, plus other collaboration tools including integrated business email. I’m partial as a co-founder, but I’ve used it to run my latest startup the last year and it’s been really powerful,