4 Reasons Entrepreneurs Are Happier Than the Average Person

by Guest Author on January 18, 2013

Entrepreneurs are often idolized and admired, but generally it’s because of their financial success. While entrepreneurs may be more likely to obtain success in terms of economic development, they also live a happier life than the average person. If you want to truly be happy and comfortable with the life that you live, then replicating the lifestyle of an entrepreneur is highly recommended. Happiness actually has very little to do with your finances. Happiness is centered around how you live your life and how happy you are with your job. On average, we spend more time working than we do at home. If your work life is no fun, then your life outside of work is unlikely to be any fun as well.

1 – Entrepreneurs work for themselves and have no money driven boss
The pressure that’s put upon you by a boss can be overwhelming. Fortunately, entrepreneurs generally answer to no one and this is a big part of why they are happier than the average person. Most bosses are very money driven and in some cases they are power hungry and demeaning toward those who hold a position in the company lower than theirs. This type of personality can be difficult to work with, especially when they are your boss. If you want to improve your life and be a happier person, working for yourself gives you that opportunity.

2 – Being an entrepreneur allows you to live the lifestyle that you want
When you’re an entrepreneur and you work for yourself, the possibilities of how you live your life are completely up to you. Whether you work on the computer or you run your own local business, entrepreneurship allows you to spend your days and evenings doing something you will enjoy. Entrepreneurs typically spend more time with their family and less time stressing out about work. Working for yourself presents its own challenges, but the lifestyle it allows you to live is a definite benefit. Some entrepreneurs choose to hire contractors or employees to hold down the work they do for clients, while spending their time out networking with others. You could attend meet ups, networking events, or any other type of business gathering. Networking is a great way to expand your business while living a lifestyle that you will love.

3 – Entrepreneurs focus on efficiency and maintain that perspective with everything
Entrepreneurs are not only efficient at work but they are also efficient at home and with all other aspects of their life. Managing a family can be tough work and it’s a responsibility that can really take a toll on a hard working individual. When you’re an entrepreneur, you will likely strive for efficiency and you’ll be much more effective at managing your children, finances, spending habits, and social life. Entrepreneurs don’t have things handed to them and they are willing to do what’s necessary to make their life more efficient, with more happiness.

4 – Entrepreneurs are able to follow their dreams and experiment
An entrepreneur is never restricted to the current business they are doing. They can always expand their business or even take their work in an entirely new direction. This allows entrepreneurs to truly follow their dreams and do what they know they will love. If there’s a dream you’ve had since childhood that’s business related, you will be able to follow that goal when you live the life of entrepreneurship. Of course, starting any type of business is never easy. However, entrepreneurs are one of the few people that carry a driven mindset and are able to take risks without worrying too much about the possible repercussions. Working your dream job means following your heart and when you’re an entrepreneur, you get to experiment with that.

About the Author:
Stevie Clapton works for RentersInsurance.net, a website that makes it easy to find home insurance.

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