3 Reasons You Should Ask For Customer Feedback

by Tim Jahn on June 3, 2011

After every Entrepreneurs Unpluggd event, we send out a short survey to the folks who came asking for their feedback on the event. A few days later, after people have had time to fill out the survey, we review all the feedback, both positive and negative.

This feedback directly influences what changes we make for the next event, what aspects we want to highlight more, and what parts need to stay exactly the same. This feedback is invaluable to us. And it doesn’t cost us anything to get.

We simply ask for it.

1. Learn what your customers like and don’t like

When you ask your customers to give you feedback on your product and/or service, you’re going to learn what they like and don’t like about it. This information is huge! If you know what’s working for your customers and what isn’t, you can tweak things to better serve your customers.

For example, we’ve learned consistently that people love the intimate atmosphere at our events. But after one event, we learned that people felt the lobby for networking was too small and uncomfortable. We fixed that by choosing a venue for the next event with a much bigger area for networking.

2. Make customers feel important and involved

By asking for your customers to provide you with feedback, you’re communicating that you value their opinion, and you care about what they have to say. Your customers feel important because you’re treating them as such and they feel involved in shaping your products/services.

3. Constantly improve

You can consistently improve your products/services and keep them being the best they can be. Ultimately, this will lead to better business, better sales, and a better customer experience (which starts the loop all over again!).

Are you ready for feedback?

There’s a lot to be gained from getting customer feedback and absolutely nothing to lose. All you have to do is ask!

How has customer feedback helped you build your business? Share in the comments below!

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  • http://twitter.com/SERVICE800 Service800

    Great post here. Glad to hear that your efforts in conducting surveys to measure your customers feedback has been so successful. Collecting Customer feedback is such an integral piece to the customer relationship puzzle. We’ve been helping companies collect and measure customer feedback for over 20 years and always find it interesting how companies utilize the data they garner.

    Do you report your findings to those that respond to the survey or share how you use the data to improve your offerings?

    Allen Bredeson

    • http://www.BeyondThePedway.com Tim Jahn

      We don’t directly report the results to our event attendees, but we remind them at every event that their feedback makes a direct impact on the experience of future events.

      We also implement changes immediately at the next event, so attendees see the findings in that way.

      Thanks for commenting!

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